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  • Audrey


    Audrey blooms like the early spring, tender, yet tinged with a sensual opening. The fragrance begins with a burst of red apple, succeeded by a heady bouquet of peony, jasmine carnation and rose. As it settles, the smooth, gentle scent of suede sinks in.

  • Brigitte


    Brigitte uplifts like the first ray of sunshine. It starts fresh with notes of morning dew, blackcurrant and petit grain– essential oil distilled from the leaves and twigs of the orange. At its center, whiffs of succulent nectarines and acacia honey dance together. The scent finishes gracefully, with a base of vetiver, peach and plums.

  • Simone


    Simone is the fragrance brimming with rustic country charm. Moist and tart blackberries in the opening are accented by herbaceous bay leaves, vibrant grapefruit and subtle floral accords in the heart. The intoxicating dry down is filled with the dry smokiness of vetiver and the distinctive warmth of cedar wood.